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SAVOIA Americano arrives in style!

This August, Savoia Americano Rosso (18.6% abv), a bold, distinctive and delicious vino aperitivo, joins Ten Locks’ growing portfolio.

Uniting both sides of the aperitivo tradition (Torino and Milano) with the original tradition of D.O.C. Marsala fortified wine from Sicilia, Savoia Americano Rosso elevates simple, low alcohol cocktails, plays a leading role in the classic spritz or Negroni and can be enjoyed neat as a ready-to-serve drink.

Balancing its Italian heritage with a modern twist on a classic category, Savoia is aimed squarely at premium bars, restaurants and hotels, having already earned its place at iconic venues such as The Connaught, Artesian, The Ritz, Gibson, and The Edition, London.

Crafted and bottled in a historic artisanal distillery in Turin, Savoia Americano Rosso is made with exceptional and predominantly Italian ingredients using traditional techniques to create a unique and complex ‘Amaro-Dolce” flavour profile.

Savoia includes D.O.C. Masala fine wine from Sicily, which is oak-aged for 14 months, along with artemisia, bitter orange and gentian root plus a complex blend of more than 20 hand-selected botanicals, it’s inspired by the historic “Bitter di Milano”, an authentic recipe that dates back to the late 19th century.

The result is a blend of roots and herbs, with zesty citrus, and gentle spicey notes making it the perfect base for any classic aperitivo cocktail.

Commenting on the arrival of Savoia, Becky Davies, Head of Commercial at Ten Locks, said: “Savoia joins Ten Locks at an opportune moment. The aperitivo culture is building and breathing new life to drinks menus, primarily driven by classic serves that all continue to have their moment in the sun.

“Savoia is an exceptional spirit that adds real depth to cocktails. It has been carefully crafted to bring a fresh and progressive take on an Italian classic, and is extremely well positioned to become an exquisite back bar staple.

“We teased Savoia Americano Rosso at Imbibe and the feedback was incredible. The market is ready for Savoia’s elevated taste and presents an opportunity for venues to bring consumers up through the category.”

The founder and expert on Italian spirits, liqueurs and spirits, Giuseppe Gallo, was inspired by the recipe for ‘Bitter di Milano’ from the 1800s to create Savoia’s Rosso Amaro Dolce, which is produced in a bottle designed to mimic the dome of the Mole Antonelliana, Turin’s most iconic building.

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