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Drink Among Giants.
Redwood Empire - A range of whiskeys inspired by the great Redwood trees of Northern California.

The Redwood Empire Collection

The team follows an environmentally sustainable approach in all production methods; so that Redwood Empire whiskey is truly a nod to the collaboration of man and nature.

Redwood Empire – Pipe Dream – Bourbon Whiskey

45% ABV.

A Double Gold winning bourbon and Redwood Empire’s first bourbon blend of 4yr, 8yr and 12 year old bourbons. Using classic American oak with vanilla tones, honey, a little bit of cinnamon and beautiful residual sugars from the corn - this is a bourbon done in a Californian way. A true sipping whisky.


Sweet Maple, Vanilla, Honey.


Rich, Deep & Complex.

Redwood Empire – Emerald Giant – Rye Whiskey

45% ABV.

A double gold winning ‘rye’ whiskey, is Redwood Empire’s Emerald Giant. A combination of 3yr and 5yr old whiskies aged in new charred oak barrels. Starting with a 95% rye and 5% malted barley mash-bill this is a whiskey full of character. Lots of spice with an exceptionally smooth finish makes it a favourite for whiskey cocktails. Notes of orange peel, cinnamon and clove make this a true rye.


Rye, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon.


Unparalleled Complexity, Smooth Rye, Cinnamon.

Redwood Empire – Lost Monarch – American Whiskey

45% ABV.

An award-winning bourbon-rye blend named after the world’s largest coastal Redwood tree.
The first & original Redwood Empire whiskey – blending 4yr and 12yr old bourbons with 3yr and 5yr old rye whiskies. Great for sipping but the high rye content makes it great for mixing drinks. Perfect for those who can’t decide whether they fancy a Bourbon or a Rye.


Warm Spice, Citrus, Hint of Sandalwood.


Sweet Corn, Spicy Rye, Maple Syrup.

Signature Serves

Build in a Rocks Glass and Stir to Taste. Garnish with a Lemon Twist.

Redwood Fashioned


50ml Redwood Empire Pipe Dream, 15ml Simple Syrup, 4 Dashes Bitters.

Shake all ingredients and pour into an iced rock glass.



50ml Redwood Empire Pipe Dream, 25ml Lemon Juice, 15ml Honey and Chamomile Syrup.

What Makes It
Ten Locks?


Partnered with Trees For The Future, a non-profit, planting trees world-wide since 1989. For each bottle purchased, Redwood Empire plants a tree!


From customised mash-bills to distilling in an innovative microcolumn still, custom-designed. The unique combination of barrel blends rested in high charred oak and heirloom port & wine barrels makes Redwood Empire’s approach distinct and memorable.


Redwood Empire name each expression after one of the Redwood Forest’s great ‘Big Trees’. The geo-coordinates of that tree and an inspiring quote by John Muir, renowned naturalist and philosopher, appear on the bottles label reminding us to stay grounded to the earth.

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