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Cambusier offers a modern version of the great classics of French fruit liqueurs, by selecting the best craft liqueur producers locally-established. Those producers were carefully selected with a key ambition: to bring France’s regional craft liqueurs back into fashion!

France in a bottle

Upon discovering Mirabelle plum liqueur, which is intensely-delicious, yet rarely consumed and gradually disappearing from local heritage: Cambusier observed this was true for all regions of France and their local craft liqueur heritage.

Mirabelle Plum Liqueur – Lorraine

25% ABV.

Cambusierlaunched with their first discovery, Mirabelle Plum, in partnership with the Lecomte-Blaise distillery, established in1820 with 6 generations of production know-how. The Mirabelle is the fruit of the Mirabellier, a variety of plum tree, grown mainly in the Grand Est.

Fruity and full-bodied, it delivers the richness and delicacy of a mature and juicy Mirabelle Plum.

Plougastel Strawberry Liqueur – Brittany

18% ABV.

The Fisselier Family business established in 1968 uses traditional craft methods to produce their liqueurs.

A dense and powerful nose with a lovely hint of homemade strawberry jam. The effect on the palate is subtle with notes of ripe strawberries.

Liqueur de Framboise – Loire

30% ABV.

The Girardot distillery was founded in 1900 by Jules Constant Girardot and his brother-in-law Alfred Romand. They wanted to take advantage of the climate of the Loire Valley and Sologne that is very conducive to the development of fruits.

Uncompromisingly sweet and complex the fruit explodes in a thousand aromas. In the mouth, the aromas are very fruity, powerful and refined.

Crème de Cassis – Burgundy

20% ABV.

Third generation producer, Jean-Baptiste Joannet founded his company in 1978 in Arcenant, a village acknowledge for its red berry farming. Rich & intense in flavour.

The maceration of Noir de Bourgogne blackcurrants gives it an authentic, highly-distinctive ruby-red colour.

Liqueur de Pomme Vert – Normandy

18% ABV.

Located in Normandy on the Cider Route, in the heart of the Pays d'Auge, the Pierre Huet family estate has been producing and marketing Calvados, Pommeaude Normandie, Ciders and Liqueurs since 1865.

Liqueur de Pomme Verte is made from a blend of different Apple distillates from Normandy. Tart, gourmet and refreshing, it's freshness and acidity will evoke memories of Apple freshly plucked from the tree.

Liqueur de Violette – Occitanie

16% ABV.

The Aurian Distillery was created in 1981. Philippe Aurian himself makes the Aperitifs and Liqueurs and they have been producers of wines and Armagnacs since 1880This incredibly fragrant liqueur, results from a maceration of violets.

Soft, sweet and delicately floral like Toulouse sweets.

What Our Customers Say:

"Cambusier promotes the traditional craftsmanship of French liqueur makers who achieve excellence in taste thanks to a delicate and precise mixture of ingredients."

Christophe Davoine - Meilleur Ouvrier de France Barman 2015

What Makes It
Ten Locks?

Heritage with Modern Passion

Cambusier champions France’s terroir and native produce as well as celebrates the heritage in liqueur making. A collection of French craft producers create their bespoke recipes to showcase generations of horticulture and liqueur distilling expertise.

Perfect Partnership

Cambusier invite you to rediscover forgotten flavours which express each region’s character. Years of research, travels and meetings with craft liqueur producers, ensure Cambusier have partnered with the very best of the region.

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